Technology Open Challenge

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Submission Guidelines

There is no prescribed format for submissions, so develop your submission in a form that meets the technical criteria and best communicates your proposal. Please include the following in your submission write-up:

  • contact information, including name, mailing address, phone number and email address;
  • brief professional data (such as curriculum vitae or resume) on each member of your submission team, including a description of the expertise of team members in the areas of technology covered by the challenge;
  • an abstract of the proposal;
  • a non-confidential description of the proposal with enough details for us to evaluate whether the proposal meets the technical criteria and offers a promising and viable new solution to the identified technical obstacle;
  • information on how to arrange a demonstration of any prototype or other technology described in the proposal;
  • description of any known environmental or safety issues with the technology.

Submission Deadline
The submission deadline has been extended to December 31, 2008. Submission dates may change, so please check this site for updates periodically.

Protecting your intellectual property
Nothing about your submission will constitute a grant to MovieLabs of any intellectual property rights owned by you. You should take whatever steps you deem necessary to protect your intellectual property before making a submission to MovieLabs.

MovieLabs will not sign a confidentiality agreement for any submission. If your idea is very promising, and we are interested in deeper discussion around the submission, we may sign an agreement if necessary to enable those deeper discussions. You should be aware that we will review your submission with our sponsoring studios, technology consultants, and other advisors on a non-confidential basis, so please do not submit any information which you deem sensitive or confidential.

After reviewing these guidelines, please send a write-up of your submission to