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Theatrical Projection Screen Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to improve the quality of theatrical projection screens to provide equal performance for use with 2D and 3D digital projection systems.

Today a screen can be optimized for 3D or 2D presentation, but not both. Most 3D projection systems involve a significant loss of light, hence most 3D screens are "gain" screens. This can create apparent brightness changes across the screen at some viewing angles. And silvered screens that preserve polarization for 3D projection have different spectral characteristics than screens for 2D.

Technical Criteria
Solutions may have additional useful features, but we are looking for techniques which come closest to meeting the following criteria:

  • It should be similar in cost to current theatrical film screens.
  • It should exceed the quality of current theatrical film screens for both 2D and 3D presentation. This includes meeting the strict requirements for contrast, screen uniformity, light loss, uniformity of picture, color quality, reflectivity, and acoustic transparency.
  • It should ideally be a passive technology, but active technologies will be considered.
  • It should depolarize less than 2% of reflected light for 3D presentations.