New Technologies for the Movie Picture Industry


MovieLabs is one part research and development center and one part project engineering. We partner with the broad ecosystem surrounding the delivery and use of consumer media, offering assistance in a variety of ways. Although we are always open to new ideas in the consumer media category, assistance from MovieLabs generally requires a technology falling into one of our areas of focus.

Universities & Laboratories

MovieLabs partners with universities and laboratories through research grants and joint development agreements. We are open to funding collaborative research on new digital media technologies as well as experimental research on consumer behavior and consumer response to new and existing digital media technologies.

Corporations & Industries

We also engage in technology partnerships with the broader ecosystem of information technology and consumer electronics companies and industry groups focused on consumer media. An engagement with corporations and industry groups may take a variety of forms. We can review and evaluate new products and technology initiatives. We may collaborate on development or promotion of projects in selected areas. We also can support the policy and technology efforts of existing and emerging standards bodies and industry specification efforts.


MovieLabs offers financial and technology assistance to new companies developing products or technologies for consumer digital media. We can foster the growth of new technology efforts with targeted funding and help new companies initiate and manage relationships with other media companies, especially content providers interested in taking advantage of new technologies and product ideas.

If you have an idea that fits, please feel free to Submit a Proposal.