These versions are drafts. Comments welcome.

Change lists can be found in each document.

Common Metadata and Media Entertainment Core

Common Metadata 2.7 DRAFT

Common Metadata v2.7-DRAFT, June 25, 2018

  • Summary Presentation (PDF) [updated June 26, 2018]
  • Spec (PDF, Word)
  • Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)


Nothing pending


Media Manifest v1.8-DRAFT, June 26, 2018


XML Avails

Nothing pending

Excel 1.7.4 (project initiated 7/3/18)

    The following specfiication adds new features under discussion:

      • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.4, July 9, 2018 (Excel) [Same as July 3 version, but comments and extra columns deleted to reduce file size]


      • Added Collections tab for collections that include TV or Movies and TV. This tab may also be used for movies collections, although earlier practices did so on the Movies tab. Note that doing so on the Movies tab allows both Bundles and the referenced movies (ALIDs) to be in the same spreadsheet making consistency checks easier.
      • Made SVOD-only changes valid for other license types (i.e., more robust language encoding, more robust location encoding)

Translation Specification

  • Avails Version Mapping, v1.0 DRAFT: 24-May-2017[updated] (PDF, Word)