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Change lists can be found in each document.

Common Metadata and Media Entertainment Core

Common Metadata 2.7 DRAFT

Common Metadata v2.7-DRAFT, October 22, 2018

  • Summary Presentation (PDF) October 15, 2018
  • Spec (PDF, Word). Showing changes since 9/23 version reviewed at F2F (PDF, Word)
  • Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)
  • MEC Schema (XSD) -- schema is the same as v2.6 except for referencing CM 2.7, Schema Documentation (HTML)

Related Best Practice Updates

  • Best Practice for non-standard WorkType (PDF, Word)
  • Best Practice for Color Encoding (PDF, Word)

Older drafts

    • October 8, 2018: Spec (PDF, Word), October 15, Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML), MEC Schema (XSD)
    • Sept 23, 2018: Summary Presentation (PDF), Spec (PDF, Word), Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)
    • MEC Schema (XSD) -- schema is the same except for referencing CM 2.7.
    • Sept 14, 2018: Summary Presentation (PDF), Spec (PDF, Word) Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML), MEC Schema (XSD)
    • Sept 13, 2018: Spec (PDF, Word), Showing differences from August 28 version (PDF, Word)
    • August 28, 2018: Summary Presentation (PDF), Spec (PDF, Word), Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)
    • August 9: Presentation (PDF) Spec (PDF, Word), Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML), MEC Schema (XSD)
    • August 3: Presentation (PDF), Spec (PDF, Word), Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)
    • June 25: Spec (PDF, Word), Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)

Change Summary

  • Basic Metadata
    • Add WorkType values to cover other media and non-media objects that can be described using Common Metadata.
    • Allowed Card Types as WorkTypes.
    • Added ‘Production’ as a ReleaseType to capture date of production. Addded ‘Festival’ ReleaseType.
    • Changed cardinality of CountryOfOrigin to 0..n to accommodate titles with multiple countries of origin. Provided a improved definitions of CountryOfOrigin.
    • Clarified definition of ‘country of origin’.
    • Clarified definition of LocalizedInfo/@Region.
    • People
      • Added Job/CharacterInfo for character name localization, character identifiers and whether character is nonfictional.
      • Added @topBilled to BillingBlockOrder to indicate talent is top-billed.
      • Improved Gender structure and encoding
    • Content relationships
      • Added SequenceInfo, Region and ExcludedRegion to Parent to support alternate ordering for distinct parents (e.g., regional episode ordering).
      • Added ContentRelatedTo to reflect basing a work on something like a work (e.g., book), event or person. Includes GroupingEntity to Basic; used for Franchise, Brand and Universe (via separate Best Practice)
      • Added ‘isbasedon’ and ‘isdescendentof’ relationships
      • Added AltGroupIdentifier to GroupingEntity-type to allow more robust cross referencing.
    • Changed cardinality of WorkTypeDetail from 0..1 to 0..n
  • Digital Asset Metadata
    • Added Compliance-type and Compliance elements to each track definition.
    • Added BitDepth to Video/Picture
    • Added CodecProfile to Video/Encoding
    • Defined default for Video/SubtitelLanguage/@closed as ‘false’ (i.e. open captions)
    • Added Picture/ColorTransformMetadata for dynamic metadata (e.g., DV, HDR10+, SD-HDR1).
    • Added new video picture encoding controlled vocabulary
    • Added ‘noforced’ as a Type for subtitles
    • Added Health notice as a Card Type.
    • Added codecs
    • Updated color mastering vocabulary.


Nothing pending


Media Manifest v1.8-DRAFT

  • Change Summary (PDF) - August 28, 2018
  • Spec (PDF, Word) - September 17, 2018
  • Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML) - October 22, 2018 (updated to ref 10/22/18 CM)

Older drafts

  • Spec (PDF, Word) - August 9, 2018
  • August 9, 2018: Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)
  • June 26, 2018: Spec (PDF, Word), Schema (XSD)


  • Reference Common Metadata 2.7
  • Workflow
    • Added Source to MediaManifestEdit to support workflows
    • Added delivery information (including Source) to MediaInventory for full workflow support.
  • Added Region to PlayableSequence/Clip and ImageClip for regional cards
  • Added RelatedExperienceID in ALIDExperienceMap to point to parent objects (e.g., series for season ALIDs).
  • Indicate that when ExternalManifiestID is present but blank, Experience is external, even if Manifest ID is not known.


Avails 1.7.4 Excel and 2.4 XML

Update Summary (PDF)

XML Avails 2.4

Avails v2.4-DRAFT, October 20, 2018

  • Spec (PDF, Word)
  • Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)
    • Note that Avails 2.4 references CM 2.7 and MEC 2.7. You will need these schemas for the XML to validate.

Older Drafts

  • September 23, 2018: Spec (PDF, Word), Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)
  • August 20, 2018: Spec (PDF, Word), Schema (XSD), Schema Documentation (HTML)

Excel 1.7.4 (project initiated 7/3/18)

The following specfiication adds new features under discussion:

  • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.4, October 21, 2018 (Excel)


  • Added Collections tab for collections that include TV or Movies and TV. This tab may also be used for movies collections, although earlier practices did so on the Movies tab. Note that doing so on the Movies tab allows both Bundles and the referenced movies (ALIDs) to be in the same spreadsheet making consistency checks easier.
  • Made SVOD-only changes valid for other license types (i.e., more robust language encoding, more robust location encoding)
  • Minor correction to mapping documentation
  • Clarification of correct use of ¨AssetLanguage
  • Added PackageLabel to assist in media package reuse across territories
  • Added support for Volumes

Earlier drafts

  • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.4, September 23, 2018 (Excel)
  • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.4, August 20, 2018 (Excel)
  • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.4, July 9, 2018 (Excel) [Same as July 3 version, but comments and extra columns deleted to reduce file size]

Translation Specification

  • Avails Version Mapping, v1.0 DRAFT: 24-May-2017[updated] (PDF, Word)

QC Vocabulary

QC Vocabulary

QC Vocabulary draft spec can be found at