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Common Metadata and Media Entertainment Core

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Includes Excel, XML and Translation specs

Avails 1.7.3 and 2.3 add SVOD-related features with a strong emphasis on backwards compatibilty to TVOD 1.7.2. Some SVOD improvements might be used in future TVOD use cases.

NOTE: Avails Spreadsheet 1.7.2 published August 24, 2017

Presentation explaining SVOD changes, November 29, 2017 (PowerPoint, PDF)

XML Avails

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Excel 1.7.3

The following specfiication adds new features under discussion:

  • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.3 RELEASE CANDIDATE March 13, 2017 (Excel)
    • Older versions
      • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.3 December 14, 2017 (Excel)
      • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.3 December 7, 2017 (Excel)
      • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.3 November 29, 2017 (Excel)EMA Avails, Version 1.7.3 DRAFT November 11, 2017 (Excel)
      • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.3 DRAFT September 8, 2017 (Excel)
      • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.3 DRAFT August 31, 2017 (Excel)
      • EMA Avails, Version 1.7.3 DRAFT (Excel)


  • New Fields
    • Director added for manual title matching
    • ContractStatus -- State of contract
    • Download -- Is download allowed
    • GroupingEntity -- Subscription Type/Channel -- Where is title listed
    • TerritoryExclusion -- Complement to Territory to list excluded territories. Used when list of excluded territories is much shorter than list of territories (e.g,. when just a few territories are excluded)
    • Licensee -- Indicates licensee associated with the Avail. Primary use case is when multiple licensees are combined on one spreadsheet.
    • EpisodeTitleID -- Title/Abstraction identifier for episode, typically an Abstration EIDR ID. (March 13 update)
  • Exclusivity. Exclusivity means many things. They are grouped here under general exclusivity and branding rights. The consensus is that it's useful to have a true/false exclusivity indicator, and there migth be other attributes for exclusivity. The model below reflects this.
    • Exclusivity (True/False) - Communicate whether the title/format/region/date (row in Excel) is exclusive to the indicated retailer
    • Exclusivity Attributes (String) - Communicate additional information about the scope of the exclusivity. Exclusive to on-line retailers? Exclusive across all channels except theatrical?
    • Branding Rights (True/False) - Communicate whether the row may be represented with retailer specific branding.
    • Branding Rights Attributes (String) - Communicate details about what may be presented with the content if desired. For example “Eric’s Great Video Store Original”
  • Improved timing
    • Added StartLag and EndLag to define a lag for a Start or End, respectively, that is defined as a condition (e.g., theatrical street date + 30 day lag)
    • Added duration of window (relative to start)
    • Allow "Immediate" and "Open" Start
  • Improved language handling
    • Added RequiredFulfillmentLanguages -- Languages (specific to sub and dub) that studio must provide
    • Added the ability to specify localization type (sub, dub, subdub, any) against any individual language in any language field.
  • Other
    • EpisodeCount changed from optional to required.
    • Corrected shading on some optional fields
    • Corrected XML for SeriesID, SeasonID, EpisodeID to reference either the EIDR element or AltIdentifier
    • Added 'AfterEST' LicenseType. This handles cases were a title was acquied under an EST license, but is no longer Avail'd for EST. The AfterEST LicenseType identifies titles that might still be in a library (including shared entitlement libraries) and can be fulfilled.
    • Clarified FormatProfile note to include this: " Note: For SVOD or AVOD, highest resolution should be listed and lower resolutions can be assumed." (updated March 13)
    • Miscellaneous corrections and clarifications

Translation Specification

  • Avails Version Mapping, v1.0 DRAFT: 24-May-2017[updated] (PDF, Word)