Release Notes

Release 1.0 (RC_01)

Status: For Evaluation



Source code is on GitHub. If you would like more information, please contact us.


First public release intended for evaluation and feedback. Support included for profiles IP-0 and IP-1 as of 2016-April-15 Specification.

New Features:

  • Scripted execution to validate one or more Manifest files.

Removed/Retired Features:


Bug Fixes:


Known Issues:

Schema & Constraint Validation:
  • Empty manifest:ContainerLocation for manifest:Audio and manifest:Video is not reported as an error.
  • Missing in-movie and/or out-of-movie Experience is not flagged as an error.
  • A Third level Child Experience, for either the out-movie-experience or the in-movie experience, that has no Child Experiences is not flagged as an error.
  • ID Duplication not flagged as error.
Profile Validation:
  • Profile 1 specifies that the first category(row) under the out-movie experience should be named “Featured”. If the “Featured” category is missing, this is not flagged as an error
  • Profile 1 specifies that the structure has exactly Four levels “Main Experience”, followed by “Out Movie and In Movie Experience”, followed by “Categories (tabs/rows) Experiences”, followed by “Individual Items Experiences”. In case a Manifest has more nesting/levels, this is not flagged as an error.

Other Changes: