Release Notes and Executables

Release 1.1

Status: Released



Source code is on GitHub. If you would like more information, please contact us.


Includes improvements over v1.0 for CPE-Manifest IP-1 coverage.

Primary new features are

  • Media Manifest Core (MMC) validation.
  • XML editor -- Primarly intended for making minor corrections in a Manifest that doesn't yet validate.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Schema & Constraint Validation:
  • Empty manifest:ContainerLocation for manifest:Audio and manifest:Video is now reported as an error.
  • Missing in-movie and/or out-of-movie Experience is now flagged as an error.
  • A Third level Child Experience, for either the out-movie-experience or the in-movie experience, that has no Child Experiences is now flagged as an error.
  • ID Duplication is now flagged as error.
  • Cross-references are checked and references to unknown ID will be flagged as error.
  • Chapter indexing is now checked to ensure index values define a monotonically increasing sequence.
Profile Validation:
  • The set of available Profiles now includes 'MMC-1' providing validation for conformance with the Media Manifest Core.
  • Profile 1 specifies that the first category(row) under the out-movie experience should be named “Featured”. If the “Featured” category is missing, this is now flagged as an error
  • Profile 1 specifies that the structure has exactly Four levels “Main Experience”, followed by “Out Movie and In Movie Experience”, followed by “Categories (tabs/rows) Experiences”, followed by “Individual Items Experiences”. In case a Manifest has more nesting/levels, this is now flagged as an error.
General Functions and User Interface:
  • An integrated XML Manifest Editor has been added (see Section 2.3 of the User's Guide)
  • The version of Manifest Schema used by a Manifest is now determined by examining the XML rather than as input from GUI or script.
  • Syntax of all identifiers is now validated for conformance with Section 2.1 of Common Metadata (TR-META-CM v2.4) and Section 3.1.7 of Manifest/Avails Delivery Best Practices (BP-META-MMMD v1.2). The syntax of EIDR-X and EIDR-S identifiers will also be checked for compliance with EIDR: ID FORMAT v1.3.
  • Usage of icons in the Logging console's Navigation pane to draw attention to maximum severity of current messages.
  • Log entries may now include tool-tips for selected columns. Tool-tip usage is primarily focused on providing references to specific sections of documentation with added details regarding problem.
  • Log entries are sortable.
  • Release notes are now accessible using the "Help" menu.

Known Issues


Schema & Constraint Validation:
  • Validation of conformance with Common Metadata relating to Digital Assets is incomplete
  • SSID syntax is only validated when ID is specified using the EIDR scheme.
Profile Validation:
  • None
  • Reports that on Mac, clicking on table occasionally corrupts entry.

Other Changes

Refactoring of code to improve modularity in anticipation of future enhancements.