Release Notes and Executables

Release 1.2.1

Status: Released



Source code is on GitHub. If you would like more information, please contact us.


This release of the desktop Manifest Validation tool contains bug fixes and UI enhancements that were identified during the review phase of v1.2. There have been no changes to the basic functionality of the tool.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Schema & Constraint Validation:
  • if a <ContainerLocation> specifies a local file the path will be checked to ensure that is formatted as relative to the defining file.
Profile Validation:


General Functions and User Interface:
  • improved control, display, and filtering of logging output
  • markers in XML editor refresh after re-validation
  • persistence of user preferences and usage history between sessions
  • additional UI controls for selecting file to be processed

Known Issues


Schema & Constraint Validation:
  • Validation of conformance with Common Metadata relating to Digital Assets is incomplete
  • SSID syntax is only validated when ID is specified using the EIDR scheme.
Profile Validation:
  • None
  • Reports that on Mac, clicking on log console occasionally corrupts entry.

Other Changes