Submit a Technical Proposal

If you have a cutting-edge technology, a way to deliver, a great team, and you're working in one of our primary areas of focus, we want to hear from you.

We ask that you send us a non-confidential outline of your proposal and how it matches our primary areas of focus.  The submission should include enough information for us to determine the power of your solution, how it might be deployed and the background of your team.

Bear in mind that we are a technology consortium, not a film or TV production group.  We only accept technology proposals related to our primary areas of focus.  Please do not send us any proposals related to film or TV production ideas, including ideas or drafts for plays, shows, or films or related components such as scripts, story lines, themes, concepts, treatments, or characters.  We will delete and will not review or respond to any proposals of that nature, nor will we forward them along to our sponsors or other members of the film or television community.

If you provide information to us, all information you disclose is provided to us on a non-confidential basis and may be used, reproduced, modified, distributed and disclosed by us in any manner, without paying compensation to you.  You should be aware that we are likely to review your submission with our sponsoring studios, technology consultants, and other advisors on a non-confidential basis.  Please do not use this site to submit any information which you deem sensitive or confidential.

Your initial submission need not include a full business plan.  If we believe your project fits with our goals, we will follow up and ask for a more detailed proposal and business plan.

Our evaluation process often takes time, but you can help by ensuring that your initial submission follows the guidelines included above.