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MovieLabs 2030 Vision Series Fireside Chats Podcast

MovieLabs 2030 Vision Series Fireside Chats Podcast

The MovieLabs 2030 Vision has been broadly embraced across the media industry and we’re sharing stories and learnings from leading visionaries and implementors across the media and entertainment space with our newly launched video and audio podcast, MovieLabs 2030 Vision Series Fireside Chats.

Season 2

Bonus Episode: Interoperability

MovieLabs considers Interoperability to be a critical foundation for building new software defined workflows. But don’t just take our word for it – hear from the leading voices in the industry about their thoughts on the criticality of interoperability in this new Bonus Episode of the 2030 Vision Fireside Chats.

Episode 7

In this episode, Richard Berger speaks with Foundry’s Chief Product Officer, Christy Anzelmo, about how the MovieLabs 2030 Vision has inspired industry collaboration, interoperability and data portability and Foundry’s work with OpenAsset IO, which enables more efficient content creation.

Episode 6

Listen to Richard Berger’s discussion with Adobe Director of Product Marketing and Business Strategy, Meagan Keane, about how the MovieLabs 2030 Vision applies to content creators large and small across the entire industry, helping guide product road maps and giving a framework for the conversation about cloud-based production in the industry.

Episode 5

MovieLabs’ CEO Richard Berger speaks to Autodesk’s VP and Chief Architect of Media and Entertainment, Matt Sivertson, about how Autodesk is embracing the MovieLabs 2030 Vision and how their Flow platform enables data interoperability in M&E workflows.

Episode 4

Season Two kicks off with Richard Berger interviewing Avid CEO, Jeff Rosica, and discussing interoperability in “cloud-first” media workflows, the Ontology for Media Creation and how the 2030 Vision is applicable to all forms of content creation.

Season 1

Episode 3

Richard Berger chats with Buzz Hays, Global Lead Entertainment Industry at Google. They discuss how the Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP) aligns with Google’s approach to zero-trust security, how massive media archives will operate and be improved in the cloud and how ready we are for a cloud enabled media workflows.

Episode 2

Richard Berger talks with Simon Crownshaw, Global Lead Media & Entertainment at Microsoft about the importance of industry alignment around the 2030 Vision, the need for better interoperability, and how Microsoft is working with their customers and partners to advance the Vision today.

Episode 1

Rich Berger interviews Chris Blandy, Global Leader, Strategy & Business Development for Media & Entertainment at AWS to discuss how Amazon is helping customers and partners with their cloud transitions, the Common Security Architecture for Production and how content creation workflows will evolve as we get closer to the 2030 Vision.