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Workflow Back-End Developer 

Position Summary 

Do you want to help us design and prototype the next generation of systems enabling film and TV production using cloud technologies? 

MovieLabs is looking for an experienced Back-End Developer to work on the implementation and design of prototypes and open-source software to support media creation workflows in the cloud, starting with concept and pre-production, and through production and post-production. 

The Workflow Back-End Developer will be responsible for designing and implementing prototype systems to support automation and collaboration in creative workflows. The role involves working with software architects and developers at MovieLabs’ member studios and industry partner companies to implement prototypes using common and interoperable data models, interfaces, and security architectures that MovieLabs is developing with its partners. 

What You’ll Do 

  • Work with team members to design and implement back-end systems including the integration of 3rd party systems, such as databases, asset management systems, workflow management systems, security authentication and authorization systems, creative tool plug-ins, and messaging systems. 
  • Work with the providers of the 3rd party systems being integrated, whether products or prototypes and proofs of concept. 
  • Understand workflow user stories/use cases and interpret requirements for integrating custom and off-the-shelf components into a workflow that supports them. 
  • Design APIs and payloads for integrating these various components. 
  • Implement data schemas and interfaces. 
  • Present, document, and review implementations with the MovieLabs team and with developers at our member studios and their partners. 
  • Test and deploy these systems in our prototyping sandbox. 
  • Develop scripts and automation for deployment.  

What We’re Looking For 

  • At least 8 years developing back-end systems and includes integrating a range of system components, including databases, cloud storage, and messaging or other event-driven systems 
  • At least 3 years of experience implementing services in the cloud, including their deployment 
  • Strong programming skills in Python 
  • Experience designing and implementing REST APIs 
  • Experience implementing JSON data schemas and API payloads. 
  • Experience implementing authentication and authorization for APIs and services 
  • Ability to collect and prioritize requirements and then develop innovative solutions  
  • Ability to clearly present and document designs and implementations 
  • Detail oriented 
  • Endless intellectual curiosity 
  • Ability to work well within a collaborative team environment, and also being self-starting and self-sufficient 
  • Strongly desired: 
  • Full-stack skills, including the development of web front ends 
  • Experience programming in JavaScript and Node.js 
  • Nice to have:  
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science or a related technical field. 
  • Experience designing, developing, and maintaining systems to support film or TV production workflows 
  • Experience implementing on VFX, animation, or other pipelines 
  • Experience using service meshes, e.g., Istio 
  • Experience developing plug-ins for creative tools 
  • Experience using graph database systems and query languages 
  • Experience participating in open-source projects 
  • Experience integrating with identity management systems, such as Active Directory, Okta, or Ping 
  • Experience managing software projects 


  • Remote work is fine. We have team members in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal, and London 
  • Open to full-time or part-time/contract  

Who We Are 

Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc. (“MovieLabs”) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) research and development joint venture founded by the major Hollywood studios. MovieLabs is driven to find innovative solutions to industry challenges shared by both our member studios and the broader ecosystem. We help architect next generation production technologies, streamline and automate distribution chains, deliver new experiences to consumers, and secure the creative assets that are the core capital of our industry. 


If you are interested, please email your resume and cover letter to careers@movielabs.com