About MovieLabs

Partnering With MovieLabs

Hollywood’s Innovation Engine

MovieLabs is a Hollywood onramp for advanced technologies, innovations in digital distribution, and new ways of engaging consumers around movies & TV.

MovieLabs has deep connections with the advanced technology teams at all our member studios. We make it our business to research and understand new technologies and how they can be applied to enable better ways to create and distribute content. We meet regularly with start-ups, venture capitalists, advanced technology labs, industry groups and other technologists to provide a better understanding of common studio technical requirements.

If you have a breakthrough innovation that could revolutionize consumer media, reach out to share with us. If you have a start-up or an idea that we need to hear about, come see us. We want to help.

MovieLabs also works closely with universities and colleges around the world. If you have research you think is important and relevant, please contact us.

Contact any of our team members at info@movielabs.com.