Cross Platform Extras Best Practices

This area includes best practices for implementing CPE.

CPE is part of a family of specifications. For others, including specifications frequently referenced in these Best Practices see here.

Best practices are currently in the following categories:

General Best Practices

Determining Entitlement

This Best Practice instructs implementers on how to determine if the user has the right to play content (both the main title and bonus material).

  • CPE Best Practice for Determining Entitlement, DRAFT April 8, 2016 (PDF, Word)

CPE-HTML Best Practices

  • Best Practice for general implementation guidance for CPE-HTML (HTML).

Application Best Practices

We have developed best practices for application implementation to ensures application data can be authored once (for all retailers) and players can implement applications once (across multiple studios' data).

These specifications commonly refer to CPE-Manifest, CPE-AppData, and CPE-Style.

The following document provides common references

CPE Application Best Practices Overview

  • CPE Application Best Practies Overview (PDF, Word)

CPE Application Best Practices (Built-in Functions)

This section includes Best Practices for 'built in' functions such as track selection and metadata. Data is provided by the Manifest and other files as part of delivery, and these Best Practies desribe how to best use those data.

  • Image Gallery (PDF, Word) - Displaying an image gallery
  • Metadata (PDF, Word) - Displaying Basic Metadata
  • Track Selection (PDF, Word) - Properly selecting tracks
  • Asset Acquisition (PDF, Word) - How to buy, rent or otherwise aquire an asset associated with a CPE experience.

CPE Application Best Practices (General Apps)

These Best Practices provide recommendations on how to implement specific applications.

  • Locations/Maps (PDF, Word)
  • Trivia/Pop-ups (PDF, Word)
  • Data Feeds (PDF, Word)
  • Synchronzied Scripts (PDF, Word)
  • Timed Events (PDF, Word)
  • Purchasing (PDF, Word)


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