Distribution Technology

Digital Supply Chain

MovieLabs Digital Distribution Framework (MDDF)

For automation of digital workflows and supply chain efficiency, MovieLabs recommends adoption of a suite of interlocked, compatible standards and specifications. They cover core aspects of online distribution, including identification, metadata, avails, asset delivery, and reporting. Developed and delivered through industry collaboration, these standards and technologies enable automation, cost reduction, and improved consumer experiences across the industry.

Unique Identification

MovieLabs is the key creator and driver behind the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) , a universal unique identifier for movie and television assets that enables savings for digital distribution similar to how UPC codes automate traditional retail.


The MovieLabs Common Metadata specification provides a definitional foundation for other specifications. Media and Entertainment Core Metadata (MEC) is one such specification. Developed with the EMA and DEG, MEC focuses on the key metadata needed for online retail distribution.


MovieLabs has worked with the EMA and prominent retailers to develop and implement a common format for transferring avails data from studios to retailers (EMA Avails) . The specification reduces studio customer support requirements and substantially improves the ability of retailers to ensure timely availability of studio content in all retail windows and timely takedown to meet licensing requirements.

Component Based Delivery

MovieLabs has developed a Media Manifest specification that facilitates the delivery of assets from distributors to retailers, allowing increased automation and integration of work flows for purposes of metadata distribution, Avails, file deliveries, efficient internationalization, and delivery of standardized interactivity experiences to consumers. This standard Media Manifest specification unifies multiple supply chain automation efforts into one integrated structure and set of definitions. Media Manifest Core is a simplified schema for the delivery of media assets related to online motion picture and television content.

Interoperable Master Format (IMF)

MovieLabs has helped develop best practices for using IMF with Media Manifest [https://movielabs.com/md/manifest/file.html] to automate publishing workflows and, in conjunction with EIDR, best practices for implementing IMF using EIDR https://www.eidr.org/standards-and-interoperability/.

Digital Extras

MovieLabs has developed CPE-Manifest and other specifications, best practices and tools to enable the standardized delivery of extras and enhanced experiences to consumers online.