Distribution Technology

Content Protection

Enhanced Content Security Framework (ECP)

The proliferation of diverse devices and the advent of OTT have complicated the deployment of content protection. To give the industry a common target for implementing content protection for Ultra HD, MovieLabs developed with its members the MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection (ECP). The specification includes best practices for digital rights management, platforms, and end-to-end systems. It covers a range of practices around cryptography, device binding, software diversity, title diversity, revocation & renewal, output & link protection, secure media pipeline, secure computation environment, hardware root of trust, watermarking, playback control, and certification.

Automated Content Notification System (ACNS)

To increase efficiency and reduce the costs of responding to copyright notices, MovieLabs advocated for the adoption of ACNS, an open-source specification for automation of notice handling developed by NBC Universal and Universal Music Group (UMG) with support from Disney.