Distribution Technology

Evolving Video Formats

New Technologies and Platforms for Consumers

MovieLabs is a key resource helping the industry define next generation consumer experiences and build the technology platforms that deliver them.

Ultra HD & HDR (High Dynamic Range)

In 2013, MovieLabs led a cross-industry initiative to add High Dynamic Range and full color gamut to the Ultra HD/4K roadmap. The ask to the industry was captured in high-level specifications which defined the key features that the MovieLabs member studios wanted in the next generation of video formats. This served as the basis for new standards and individual studio requirements for the distribution and protection of HDR and UltraHD content. MovieLabs continues to work on best practices for these technologies to enable their successful deployment to the consumer.

Digital Extras—Cross-Platform Extras (CPE) & Interactivity

Our Cross-Platform Extras (CPE) specifications enable the standardized delivery of digital extras that enhance the user experience. We provide the Cross-Platform Extras Manifest (CPE-Manifest) specification as a means to communicate a user experience that includes main titles, bonus video, image galleries and other media. MovieLabs also provides best practices and tools for implementation of user experiences on devices and browsers, including Cross-Platform Extras HTML (CPE-HTML), which defines an API that supports HTML-based interactive user experience that can be executed across retailers.

Consumer Lockers

MovieLabs has been a longtime advocate of providing consumers with easier cross-platform access to content and has assisted studios with the development of the Movies Anywhere platform.