MovieLabs at IBC 2022

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MovieLabs 2030 Vision

A Technology Roadmap

The 2030 Vision for the Future of Media Creation

We developed a bold 10-year vision for the adoption of new technologies to aid in content production, post and VFX, commonly referred to as the 2030 Vision.

MovieLabs Announces Initial 2030 Vision Showcase Selections

Featured Case Studies Demonstrate Progress and Momentum Across Range of Content Creation and Distribution Technologies and Workflows

2030 Vision Showcase Program - MovieLabs

In July 2022 MovieLabs made a call for case studies that demonstrated 1 or more of the 10 Principles of the 2030 Vision being deployed today. In September 2022 we announced the initial 10 Showcases that were selected and will be featured by MovieLabs.

MovieLabs at IBC 2022

Panel Presentations

MovieLabs will be at IBC 2022 talking about the progress towards the MovieLabs 2030 Vision and also launching the 2030 Showcase, a new case study program designed to highlight organizations in the industry who are realizing the vision today.

MovieLabs 2030 Vision Update: Studio Perspective

Saturday, September 10th

The Forum @ 11:00 a.m.

Hollywood Studio Leadership Teams

On Saturday, September 10, the Hollywood studio leadership teams will be presenting a panel update on the MovieLabs 2030 Vision in the Forum at 11:00 am. Titled ‘MovieLabs 2030 Vision Update: Studio Perspective’.

MovieLabs’ Richerd Berger will chair a discussion with Eddie Drake from Marvel Studios, Michael Wise from Universal Pictures, Renard T. Jenkins from Warner Bros. Discovery, Bill Baggelaar from Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Anthony Guarino from Paramount Pictures about the progress on the 2030 Vision.

Rich Berger


Eddie Drake

Marvel Studios

Michael Wise

Universal Pictures

Renard T. Jenkins

Warner Bros. Discovery

Bill Baggelaar

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Anthony Guarino

Paramount Pictures

MovieLabs 2030 Vision Update: Implementing the Vision

Sunday, September 11th

The Forum @ 11:30 a.m.

Hollywood Studio Leadership Teams

On Sunday, September 11 at 11:30 am in the Forum Leon Silverman from MovieLabs will chair a session titled ‘MovieLabs 2030 Vision Update: Implementing the Vision’ examining how media businesses have moved from principles to practice towards the 2030 Vision. 

Leon will be joined by Simon Crownshaw from Microsoft, Diana Collela from Autodesk, Buzz Hays from Google Cloud, Jeff Rosica from Avid, and Bill Roberts from Adobe.

Leon Silverman


Simon Crownshaw


Diana Colella


Buzz Hays

Google Cloud

Jeff Rosica


Bill Roberts


Agents of Change

MovieLabs is a Technology Joint Venture of the Major Hollywood Studios

We work to research, experiment and develop new technologies that improve the content, processes and tools used in the media industry. ​From media creation through distribution, we drive innovation and develop a range of specifications and resources for the industry.​

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