This site contains training for Supply Chain Standards covered by the MovieLabs Digital Distribution Framework (MDDF).

This training is targeted for a broad audience. Some sections apply to eveyone. Some are more specific. We'll provide guidance as to which is which.

We suggest eveyone watch the general intro videos. Then explore what's interesting to you.

General Introduction

Introduction to MDDF Class

Section 1 - MDDF Motivation and Architecture

Section 2 - Workflows and Use Cases (Coming soon)

  • Core Concepts
  • Avails – Accept – Reporting Workflow
  • User-facing metadata across all windows
  • Delivering media-related metadata (Manifest, MMC)
  • Includes exceptions and localization
  • Interactivity as part of a broader view of content delivery

Section 3 - Encoding Instructions

Currently, this section has no videos. Please reference the following for details