Class Intro

Class Section 1


Audience: Everyone: Decision makers through implementers
What you will know: What is the motivation, architecture and basic components.
What you will be able to do: Integrate MDDF into a technology strategy. Begin your journey to implemenation

Section 1 Topics

(each on its own page)

  • Introduction (10 min) -- Essential material; everyone should watch these
  • Avails and Title List (5 min) -- TVOD Avails and SVOD Title Lists: How communicate asset information and business terms
  • Metadata (5 min) -- Common Metadata and Media Entertainment Core (MEC)
  • Media Manifest (13 min) -- Media Manifest, Media Manifest Core (MMC) for delivery, and Cross-Platform Extras (CPE) for bonus and interactivity
  • Identifiers (30 min) -- Essential information about identifiers. Sooner or later you will need this information.
  • MDDF API (5 min)-- Describes API (computer-to-computer interface) to support full automation of MDDF workflows