This page contains examples for Media Manifest Core (MMC).

Movie Example 1

These example files illustrate television in accordance with MMC version 1.0 (and later).

XML Media Manifest example files for each use case

Use Case Last updated
Simple Movie with Trailer 10-Dec-2015
+ Multi-language 10-Dec-2015
+ Forced subtitles 10-Dec-2015
+ Multiple trailers 10-Dec-2015
+ Dub cards 10-Dec-2015
+ Pre-roll 10-Dec-2015
+ Pre-order 10-Dec-2015

Media Entertainment Core (MEC) metadata example files for each use case

Media Entertainment Core (MEC) Metadata Last updated
Movie (simple) 10-Dec-2015
Movie (full) 25-Dec-2015
Trailer 1 25-Dec-2015
Trailer 2 25-Dec-2015


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