Announcing Security Interop Whitepaper

Posted on June 5, 2024

MovieLabs, has released a new white paper, titled “Security Interoperability in Media Creation” which builds on the “Interoperability in Media Creation” white paper to set forth what is needed for the security of media production workflows as software and cloud infrastructure play a larger role in supporting creative work.

The white paper focuses on security interoperability in a zero trust security architecture and how it is a critical enabler for the 2030 Vision. Implementation of the interoperability principles in the paper can enable seamless security across a diverse set software tools, services, and infrastructure. Security interoperability means better security across diverse infrastructure while minimizing the intrusion of security into the creative process.

“As today’s infrastructure gets increasingly complex and the threat landscape broadens, managing security is getting increasingly complex and complexity is the enemy of security. Security interoperability is a key to successfully addressing these issues. When security components work together, it is a force multiplier” said Spencer Stephens, SVP of Production Technology and Security at MovieLabs “our approach is to define security interoperability using a zero trust security architecture which is direction mainstream cybersecurity is heading. This reduces the multi-dimensional interoperability problem to a much simpler set of interactions.”

The Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP)

CSAP is a collaboration-oriented zero trust architecture for media production designed to secure and protect the integrity of assets, processes, and workflows in the collaborative environment of media production. The CSAP Zero Trust Foundation (ZTF) is a cybersecurity industry standard zero trust architecture that serves as an entry point for CSAP. It requires authorization and authentication are separable and the use of authorization policies for authorization.

Defining Security Interoperability Requires a Datum

Attempting to define security interoperability without a datum reference would be a daunting task, the results would likely be too high level to be actionable.

For that reason, the “Security Interoperability in Media Creation” white paper describes security interoperability using a zero trust architecture such as the CSAP Zero Trust Foundation as the datum reference.

The paper addresses:

  • Authorization Policy Flow: How interoperability is enhanced by authorization policies and what is required to enable security controlled by authorization policies.
  • Authorization Policy Handling: What is required of the infrastructure and services to respond to authorization policies.
  • Workflow Management and Security Interoperability: CSAP is workflow driven security, workflow management is one source of authorization policies because it is workflow management that knows what is happening in the workflow and therefore what needs to be authorized.

We encourage everyone who is working in, or is responsible for defining, the security or technology of the applications, systems, infrastructure, SaaS services, etc., used in media production, to read this white paper.

Security interoperability hand in hand with security by design reduces security complexity and increases its efficacy.


The Security Interoperability in Media Creation White Paper focuses on security interoperability in a zero trust security architecture and how it is a critical enabler for the 2030 Vision.

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