Confused about IDs in supply chain specifications? Read our new white paper—A Short Guide to Identifiers for the Digital Supply Chain.

Digital supply chain workflows are moving steadily toward full automation. Standardization of digital Avails through broad adoption of EMA Avails version 1.6 has been a significant milestone in advancement of a standard specification for delivery of Avails from studios to digital platforms. Increasing adoption of Media Manifest Core (MMC) and Media Entertainment Core (MEC) is linking workflows for Avails, fulfillment and metadata delivery. A key next step is to streamline and automate the connections between those workflows. That next step is enabled by two new ID concepts introduced in EMA Avails 1.7—ALID and ContentID—which connect the EMA Avails, MMC and MEC specifications. ALID and ContentID, together with EIDR, form the three foundational ID concepts in Avails 1.7.

This short guide is a summary of how these three IDs are used in the digital supply chain. To learn more, read the white paper.