MovieLabs at NAB 2019

MovieLabs will be participating  in several sessions at this year’s NAB 2019 in Las Vegas.

Sunday, April 7:Craig Seidel, MovieLab’s Senior Vice President of Distribution Technology, will be speaking at the CDSA (Content Distribution Security Alliance) conference in Las Vegas at NAB on Sunday, April 7 at the Westgate, Las Vegas from 12:30-6:00.

Craig will be presenting a session called “Looking Ahead to Next-Generation Piracy”, where he will be looking at the evolving piracy landscape and the next-generation challenges for the industry in an industry with new generation of P2P applications and good UX

 Monday, April 8:Raymond Drewry, Principal Scientist, MovieLabs, will be presenting a paper titled “Creative Works Ontology and White Paper for the Film & TV Industry at the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference in the NAB Conference program.

As media companies add more data sources to fuel machine learning and other future applications, the industry needs both better enterprise systems and better core data infrastructure. This paper provides a standard, organizing framework to capture and surface the inherent relationships between assets. Raymond will be presenting the paper on at 11:40 am – 12:00 pm in room N256.

Also on Monday,Craig Seidel will be participating on a panel called “Redefining Deliverable and Preservation Standards for Digital Times” in the Birds of a feather speaking series at 12:00-1:00pm in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Description: The move to digital has created major challenges for content creators and owners. An all-star panel discusses work being done by key industry working groups to define future digital deliverable and archive standards. Share your opinions about how these standards efforts can be more mutually supportive and compatible. The panel will be hosted by Erik Weaver from WDC.