Movielabs champions usable VFX Archive via IBC Accelerator Program

Although IBC2020 has been cancelled, the IBC Accelerator program continues to help broadcasters, studios and media & entertainment organizations collaborate to drive innovation throughout the year. It provides an environment for virtual multi-company R&D.

MovieLabs is leading an IBC Accelerator project with Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Sony Innovation Studios and Unity Technologies to look at the viability of archiving and sharing VFX assets. It is a proof of concept for a standardized ecosystem for the storage, sharing and archiving of 3D digital assets in the same way that media asset management systems already facilitate the handling of video and audio assets. In a similar way, a 3D VFX asset package would carry with it a descriptive metadata and a proxy for easy viewing of the package contents – to make it easier for a package of assets to be shared between vendors and their clients. The project will consider both operational and commercial challenges by minimising the inefficiencies inherent when multiple groups are working on and sharing the same assets.

We look forward to working on this project over the summer. Our aim is to showcase a proof of concept during a week of online presentations which will form part of the virtual IBC show in September.

For more information please see the announcement from IBC.  You can read more about the IBC Accelerator program here and learn how to get involved. Alternatively you can contact the MovieLabs project lead Raymond Drewry directly.