MovieLabs Partners with HPA Tech Retreat to Provide Strategic Insight for 2021 Show

Posted on March 9, 2021
MovieLabs is partnering with HPA Tech Retreat to provide strategic insight for the 2021 Show, happening virtually March 15-24.

MovieLabs is partnering with HPA Tech Retreat to provide strategic insight for the 2021 Show, happening virtually March 15-24.

MovieLabs will be presenting across three strategic topics, hosting a number of round tables, providing a sneak peek of a common visual language that they are developing for the industry, and partnering with the HPA to host the second day SuperSession event which will be a live demonstration of production through editorial, VFX, conform, color, sound and delivery.

Rich Berger, CEO of MovieLabs, said: “We intend to honor the spirit of the physical Tech Retreat we all know and value. Even though we can’t be together physically, the topics are so relevant to the way we have been forced to evolve and work in these pandemic and socially distant times. Our MovieLabs 2030 Vision published in 2019 has become the industry reference for the future of media creation, and this year’s Tech Retreat provides the perfect opportunity for the industry to come together to discuss and debate how we need to work together to evolve further.  We look forward to facilitating much of the conversation around what we are learning, what we are thinking, and the work that lies ahead.”

Below is a summary of topics MovieLabs will be covering and sessions they will be chairing:

Software Defined Workflows

MovieLabs Tech Retreat participation kicks off with their first presentation “Software Defined Workflows” presented by MovieLabs CTO, Jim Helman on March 15.

A key aspect of the  MovieLabs2030 Vision is how the industry’s cloud-based workflows will be powered by software-mediated collaboration and automation, as articulated in the whitepaper “The Evolution of Software-Defined Workflows.” Underpinning these workflows are a number of concepts around common ways to express aspects of workflow that will be core to a completely interoperable cloud-based future.  Jim will open this topic up for discussion in a lunch roundtable titled “Multi-Cloud Challenges & Opportunities” on March 16 at 9:00 AM Pacific.

Common Visual Language

MovieLabs will be announcing at the 2021 HPA Tech Retreat a case for common visual language to express workflows, which will help to drive automation and interoperability.

MovieLabs’ Production Technology Specialist Chris Vienneau will present “A Visual Language Primer” as the first look and public discussion around how creating a common way to describe and literally draw workflows is an important step for the industry to get on the same page. This will take place on March 16.


MovieLabs recently published the first three parts of a reference security architecture for securing the assets and processes in cloud workflows. It is a collaboration-oriented zero-trust security architecture designed to not interfere with creative work, rather focus on securing and protecting the integrity of assets, processes, and workflows in the collaborative environment of media production.

Spencer Stephens, MovieLabs’ Senior VP, Production Technology and Security, will be presenting “Why Do We Need a Common Security Architecture” on March 17 and then hosting a roundtable discussion on “The Need for a Common Security Model” on Tuesday, March 23 at 1:00 PM Pacific.

Production User ID

Another new MovieLabs concept for the industry to consider will be discussed at the Tech Retreat at the breakfast roundtable “What is a Production User ID and Why Do We Need It”, hosted by Mark Turner, MovieLabs’ Program Director, Production Technology on March 16 at 9:00 AM Pacific.

He will begin a discussion on the role identity plays in not just security authentication but also how the ability to identify individual participants and their roles can unlock numerous automation and efficiency initiatives as the industry begins to work across projects, companies, and clouds.

Metadata Lifecycle

Raymond Drewry, Movielabs’ Principal Scientist will host a breakfast roundtable on March 23 at 9:00 AM Pacific entitled “DAM, MAM, what’s a PAM” which will look at how the industry needs to think about assets and metadata in their lifecycle from ideation to archive.

Cloud Readiness 

On March 24 at 9:00 AM Pacific, Leon Silverman, who is an advisor to MovieLabs on the MovieLabs 2030 Vision focusing on Strategy and Industry Relations, will host a breakfast roundtable on “Realizing the 2030 Vision – Aligning the Industry.”  This session will explore a number of themes of interest to the HPA community including:  

  • How cloud ready is the industry? 
  • What challenges does the industry need to overcome in order for the MovieLabs 2030 vision to be realized? 
  • What additional industry education is needed to “get on the same page?”

SuperSession Day 2

MovieLabs will be participating in the final session of the 2021 HPA Tech Retreat on March 24 at 10:00  AM Pacific, entitled, “Live from the Cloud – Without a Net.”

HPA’s Jochen “JZ” Zell and MovieLabs’s Mark Turner will host a live demonstration of production through editorial, VFX, conform, color, sound and delivery using 5G, and public and private hybrid cloud tools, infrastructure and workflows, discussing where the industry is on the path to MovieLabs 2030 Vision. 

Registration is open for the 2021 HPA Tech Retreat and includes a discounted individual HPA membership for non-members.

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