MovieLabs Releases New Security Architecture

San Francisco, January 27, 2021 – Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc. (MovieLabs) today released a new MovieLabs Security Architecture to provide a framework for implementation of a new approach to protection of cloud production workflows. The architecture is published as part of the MovieLabs 2030 Vision initiative and is available today for free download.

Built on the security principles in the #MovieLabs2030 Vision paper published in 2019, titled The Evolution of Production Security – Securing the 10-Year Vision for the Future of Media Production, Post and Creative Technologies, the architecture published today takes a major step forward toward realization of the principles of that 2030 Vision security model. It delves deeper into the practical requirements of future production security and is based on a fundamental premise that cloud production workflows will not be contained within facility boundaries. Consequently, we cannot rely on traditional perimeter security measures. Instead, security must be designed to protect the production even if the infrastructure itself is not trusted or protected.

“The security architecture is built on the principle of security by design. That means security must be a foundational component of designing systems that enable new workflows.” said Richard Berger, CEO MovieLabs. “We are publishing this security architecture now as a foundational step in the 2030 Vision initiative precisely because security needs to be part of the planning process through all phases of the initiative. But we are early in the process, and we look forward to evolving and improving the architecture through ongoing collaboration with industry partners.”

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