IBC365 looks at early adoption of the 10 principles from our Evolution of Media Creation Whitepaper

We were delighted to contribute to a deep dive look by IBC365 at how the principals we laid out in our 10-year vision white paper last year, The Evolution of Media Creation, are being adopted as cloud-based production workflows are becoming a reality.

COVID-19 has thrust our industry into an unprecedented set of immediate workflow challenges, many of which shine a bright light on the need for cloud-based workflows—and specifically remote workflows in the short term.

While it is great to see individual creative applications moving to the cloud, we’re missing some of the benefits of true software-defined workflows where whole pipelines of applications can be migrated to the cloud. Even if piecemeal cloud implementations can be more inefficient than our legacy approach, we have more work to do as an industry to enable these applications to talk to each other and hand off assets and metadata to other components in a chain.

You can read the full article here.