MovieLabs Specifications for
Next Generation of Video and
Enhanced Content Protection

Technologies for the distribution, playback and display of video content are evolving rapidly. These technologies offer the opportunity to distribute content that is visually richer, more engaging and available through more distribution models on an ever-expanding range of devices.

At the same time, the technologies for protecting content against illegal use are also developing at a rapid pace, and some current content protection systems have weaknesses that have been exploited placing them in need of renewal.

Distributing content that can take advantage of these new technologies will necessitate the creation of new content distribution formats, both physical and digital. It will also involve significant investment by content providers and distributors that could be jeopardized by infringement. To facilitate the development and deployment of new formats, MovieLabs has drafted a pair of high-level specifications defining the key feature sets that can serve as the basis for new standards and individual studio requirements for content distribution formats and platforms.

Two documents are included here. The first, “MovieLabs Specification for Next Generation Video,” covers the important video features. The second, “MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection,” covers the content protection features. These documents are intended solely as a guide for companies interested in developing products, which can be compatible with other products. Each member company of MovieLabs shall decide independently the extent to which it will utilize, or require adherence to, these specifications.


  • MovieLabs Specifications Cover Letter, February 2015 (PDF)
  • MovieLabs Specification for Next Generation Video, v1.0 (PDF)
  • MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, v1.1 (PDF)
  • Three documents together (ZIP)

Previous Versions

  • MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection, v1.0 (PDF)