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The 2030 Vision

The Movielabs Whitepaper ‘The Evolution of Media Creation: A 10-year vision for the future of media production, post and creative technologies” – commonly referred to as the 2030 Vision paper, was published in August 2019.  It rapidly became the industry’s common goal post and helps sharpen strategies and focus resources on the 10 shared principles in the Vision.

Urgent Memo to the C-Suite

Investing in Production Technology and Cloud Centricity is No Longer an Option – It is Table Stakes

We titled this brief “Urgent Memo to the C-Suite” because there is a time-critical need for executive awareness and investment to support the future of media creation.

In this paper, MovieLabs describes (1) how the growing importance of emerging cloud and new production technologies creates a strategic imperative to reinvent the media creation ecosystem and (2) why investing in a unified industry approach to these emerging technologies is key to reacting to changing consumer demands and scaling global content creation. Much like investments in Distribution Technology ten years ago created booming consumer demand for OTT services, now only a similar investment in Production Technology will enable the content creation ecosystem to efficiently and practically scale to meet that new consumer demand.

The Evolution of Production Security

In December 2019, MovieLabs followed the original vision with a ‘double click’ on the security principles. This whitepaper “The Evolution of Production Security: Securing the 10-year vision for the future of Media Production, Post and Creative Technologies” details a new cloud centric approach to security based on modern data architectures and software systems. This initial whitepaper has now been complemented with a comprehensive security architecture which shows service providers, cloud vendors and software developers how to implement this new approach to security in their own products.

Software Defined Workflows

A core component of the 2030 Vision is new dynamic and flexibility workflows enabled by the cloud architecture and new security system. The benefits, opportunities and approach we’re taking are all detailed in the third whitepaper in the 2030 Series : “The Evolution of Production Workflow: Empowering creative processes with Software-Defined workflows”. This Software-Defined Workflows paper originally released in October 2020 lays out the roadmap for how to build this new pipelines and workflows and the required components the industry will need to build. It lays the foundations for the September 2021 release of the Ontology for Media Creation and the Visual Language for Media Creation and for many more Movielabs releases to come.


2030 Vision Blog

From Script to Data – Part 3

From Script to Data – Part 3

Introduction to Part 3 This is the third and final part of our blog series “From Script to Data”, which shows how to use the Ontology for Media Creation to improve communication and automation in the production process. Part 1 went from the script to a set of...

Can I Trust You?

Can I Trust You?

Trust CSAP (the Common Security Architecture for Production) is a Zero Trust architecture but to understand zero-trust, we must first have a common understanding of what “trust” means. OK, so if we take the phrase “zero-trust” and stop there, we don’t need to...