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Production Security

Production Security

With the change from on-premises to production using cloud services (whether hyperscale cloud providers, hybrid cloud, or on privately hosted cloud services) a new approach to security is required. In response, MovieLabs has defined the Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP), a security architecture that can be used by anyone building next generation security systems for production workflows. The need for a CSAP was driven by our 2030 Vision work, where MovieLabs foresaw the challenges of securing workflows happening outside of facility security perimeters. CSAP makes extensive use of common and well-documented services available from major cloud service providers and other common security services. This approach is intentional because we need to build a common and high-quality security ecosystem before we implement advanced software defined workflows on top. Provided below are the critical documents included in the download ZIP package.​

The architecture is divided into parts and parts 1 to 4 are available now.​

As part of the package we include the “Evolution of Production Security” (2020) whitepaper that is an introductory document explaining the need and the approach taken.​

MovieLabs and its member studios are working on the next three parts of the architecture which will cover implementation considerations, securing software defined workflows and a security policy description language.

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