Production Technology

2030 Showcase Program

Summer 2022 Applications Now Closed

Showcasing Industry Progress Towards the 2030 Vision

MovieLabs has met with organizations large and small that have aligned their strategy and products around the 2030 Vision and its 10 Principals for the future of media creation.

Now we want to share the great work these industry leaders are doing with the rest of the M&E community, so we’ve created the 2030 Showcase Program.

Program Benefits

Organizations that participate in the 2030 Showcase Program will be recognized by MovieLabs in the following ways:

Case Study

MovieLabs will publish a case study detailing how the product/service aligns with the 2030 Vision. A library of selected 2030 case studies will be hosted online at for all to see, each highlighting its achievements, the corresponding 2030 Principles that have been put into practice, and the challenges that still remain along with potential opportunities for appropriate industry collaboration.

Industry Outreach

MovieLabs may reference participating Showcase companies in the industry outreach work we do to promote the 2030 Vision including in videos, keynotes, events and social media posts.

Technology Sandbox

As we continue to develop and publish further architectures and specifications for the 2030 Vision, MovieLabs may include Showcase partners in potential MovieLabs sandbox development projects, additional case studies or multi-party implementations.

Showcase Hollywood Event

Select participants will be invited to present their case study at a private event with production technology leaders from across the MovieLabs studio members – Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros. Discovery.

How to Apply to the 2030 Showcase Program

Submission Deadline for Summer Showcase 2022 has passed. follow movielabs to find out when the showcase program applications will open again.

How to apply

  • Read Some Important Notes section below.
  • Create a 5-minute (or less) video that shows how your case study demonstrates the 2030 Vision and which Principles you believe it demonstrates. Videos could include a short introduction to your company, which media workflow problem it solves, partners involved (if applicable), what new features/benefits the case study enables, a demonstration (if applicable) and which 2030 Principles it aligns to. Don’t worry about the production quality of your video, it can be a desktop capture and webcam footage – we’re more interested in content than production value! Your submission videos will remain private and not shared outside of MovieLabs.
  • Extra credit for using the MovieLabs Visual Language in your submission materials and product/service!
  • Include any documents or other supplementary material you think would be relevant to your submission.
  • Upload your video to a file share or cloud service and send the URL plus supporting material to

What Happens Next

  • You will receive a confirmation that your submission was received.
  • MovieLabs will evaluate all submissions as they’re received. We may ask you for more details to clarify your case study, or schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your submission.
  • We intend to announce the first group of 2030 Showcase participants during August 2022, in time for program members to promote their participation at the IBC Show in Amsterdam in September.
  • During Autumn 2022 we will publish the first Case Study documents to the website.
  • If you miss the Summer 2022 contribution deadline, don’t worry – we will open subsequent windows for submission in the future – dates TBA. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay in touch.

The 2030 Showcase is our opportunity to highlight and recognize these companies and their progress, and to help the rest of the industry come together to build a more efficient future as we create modern global content at scale to satisfy consumer demand.”

Richard Berger

Chief Executive Officer, MovieLabs

Some Important Notes

  1. MovieLabs does not endorse individual companies or products and the 2030 Showcase should not be seen as any implicit or implied endorsement by MovieLabs or any of its member studios.
  2. The 2030 Showcase program is not a certification or compliance program for the 2030 Vision or the Principles within it.
  3. Movielabs will decide at its sole discretion which organizations products and services should be included in the 2030 Showcase program. Decision criteria includes alignment to the 2030 Vision Principles and industry impact.  If a showcase application is not selected for the program, organizations may resubmit for future consideration when new submission windows open up.
  4. MovieLabs will not sign NDAs in conjunction with the 2030 Showcase program so please only send us details of launched products/services/solutions and customer references that are public or you are willing to make public through this program. Before submission you should ensure you have approvals of all case study participants and any 3rd party partners.  
  5. Submissions should be for publicly available products/services and not for future products, designs, or Proof of Concept implementations. Beta products or features are acceptable as long as they are commercially and broadly available. All submissions should include a reference customer or media workflow where the product or service was demonstrated.