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2030 Showcase Program

Submissions Reopen 2023

Initial 2030 Vision Showcase Selections

In July 2022 MovieLabs made a call for case studies that demonstrated 1 or more of the 10 Principles of the 2030 Vision being deployed today. In September 2022 we announced the initial 10 Showcases that were selected and will be featured by MovieLabs.

10 Case Studies

We were overwhelmed by excellent submissions from across the media industry. We narrowed them down to 10 initial case studies that we will be publishing on this website later this year. These use cases demonstrate parts of the 2030 Vision that can be implemented today and should be a reference for others that are looking for guidance and approaches that can deliver today on the benefits envisioned in the 2030 Vision.

Principles Demonstrated

The selected case studies in the 2022 Showcase illustrate Principles 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 of the MovieLabs 2030 Vision. Collectively they are a demonstration of the Vision concepts of cloud-based workflows, applications coming to the cloud storage, propagation of privileges publishing media through a workflow (instead of moving assets), archival media becoming a usable asset library, single identity systems for all users in a workflow and complex media asset collections being linked through metadata.

MovieLabs 2030 Vision Principle 1
MovieLabs 2030 Vision Principle 2
MovieLabs 2030 Vision Principle 3
MovieLabs 2030 Vision Principle 4
MovieLabs 2030 Vision Principle 6
MovieLabs 2030 Vision Principle 8

Organizations with Selected Cases Studies

The organizations with selected cases studies are Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Dreamworks Animation, Microsoft, Overcast, Prime Focus Technologies, ProductionPro, Skywalker Sound, Sony Pictures/Sony Ci and Disney Studios Content.

Submitting Organization
Amazon Web Services
DreamWorks Animation
Prime Focus Technologies
Skywalker Sound
Sony Pictures/Sony Ci
Disney Studios Content
Case Study Title
NBC Universal Local “Next Gen Newsroom”
Studio In the Cloud – from Capture to Finishing
The CorPS (Core Production Services) for workflow automation within PipelineX
Live Sports Production in the Cloud for NBA
Live and OnDemand cloud based workflows for Britain’s Royal Opera House
CLEAR automates the Multi-Vendor Content Supply Chain for Channel 4.
Cross Department Synchronization
Automated Sound Workflow and Audio Processing
Automated VFX Pulls
MCU Editorial Library

About the MovieLabs 2030 Showcase Program 

The MovieLabs 2030 Showcase Program recognizes organizations in the Media & Entertainment industry that are applying emerging cloud and production technologies in accordance with 2030 Vision Principles. These companies are advancing the industry and reinventing the media creation ecosystem and, in the process, helping realize the MovieLabs 2030 Vision’s goals of enhanced efficiency and interoperability.

We will be inviting more organizations to apply to the 2030 Showcase Program when submissions reopen in 2023.

We have had a tremendous response to the first phase of our 2030 Vision Showcase Program. It was great to see so many organizations submit case studies showing how they have been putting the principles of the 2030 Vision into practice across various parts of the media supply chain including: movie and TV production, broadcast and streaming distribution, live news, live sports and even music events.”
Richard Berger

Chief Executive Officer, MovieLabs

The 2030 Vision

Find out more about the 2030 Vision and it’s 10 key principles.

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2030 Vision Showcase

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