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In the Summer of 2019 MovieLabs, on behalf of its member studios, published a whitepaper called “The Evolution of Media Creation” which laid out a bold 10-year vision for the adoption of new technologies to aid in content production, post and VFX. The paper, often referred to as the ‘2030 Vision’ has now been broadly adopted by many partner companies and is accepted as the industry ‘north star’ for guiding production technologies towards a shared goal.​

The original Evolution of Media Creation paper, available as a free download, lays out 10 Principles for a more efficient media pipeline using cloud infrastructure, zero trust security and software-defined workflows. The Principles act not just as a destination, but also a roadmap for how to get there. This roadmap drives the work of MovieLabs and those of our studios and external partners as we work together as an industry to bring the promise of the 2030 Vision forward. ​

Although the 2030 Vision is a technology roadmap it’s primary focus is in empowering the creative – to be able to achieve more – to be more efficient (replacing repetitive and menial tasks so they can focus on creative tasks), flexible (so workflows can change and adapt to new situations and technologies) and faster (so there’s more of the most precious resource – time).

We’re proud to be collaborating across the industry to envision new technological paradigms for our filmmakers so we can efficiently deliver worldwide audiences compelling entertainment

Michael Wise

SVP and Chief Technology Officer, Universal Pictures

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Over a 10-year time horizon, many things in our fast-changing world will evolve … but one thing will be certain: audiences will still enjoy stories well told with technology that stimulates the senses and creates magic.

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