This page details the release history of Avails and Title List

Versioning: Number changes (e.g., 1.2 and 2.4) constitute schema changes. Letter changes (2.3c) are documentation-only changes.

All versions are backwards compatible,meaning that elements were added, but old elements still exist. Therefore, an old XML document with the new namespace will validate.

Version 2.3

This release supports SVOD Title Lists. Some features might be useful for TVOD Avails as well.

Annotated Changelist

  • References Common Metadata and MEC v2.6.
  • Added Licensee to Transaction
  • Added 'Pre-release' and 'Library' LicenseType as accepted values
  • Added indications in AssetLanguage that metadata and/or tracks will be provided in that language.
  • Multiple instances of TitleInternalAlias allowed for different regions (also for Multiple instances of TitleDisplayUnlimited allowed for different languages (also for Season and Series)
  • Improved window time definition
    • Added @lag to StartCondition and EndCondition to allow time shift.
    • Added WindowDuration as the maximum duration of the window. Clarified definition of duration.
  • Added People in metadata to facilitate title matching and QC. Covers specific requirement to include director.
  • Added GroupingEntity to metadata to indicate channel.
  • Added terms for title status (is title officially included in Title List)
  • Added term for download (is title eligable to download)
  • Added terms for exclusivity
    • Exclusivity (True/False) - Communicate whether the title/format/region/date (row in Excel) is exclusive to the indicated retailer
    • Exclusivity Attributes (String) - Communicate additional information about the scope of the exclusivity. Exclusive to on-line retailers? Exclusive across all channels except theatrical?
  • Added terms for branding
    • Branding Rights (True/False) - Communicate whether the row may be represented with retailer specific branding.
    • Branding Rights Attributes (String) - Communicate details about what may be presented with the content if desired. For example “Eric’s Great Video Store Original”

Version 2.2, 2.2.1

Annotated Changelist

  • Added @updateNum, @updateDeliveryType, and @workflow (same definitions as Media Manifest)
  • Co-release with Excel Avails v1.7
  • Added support for Bundles (BundledAsset)
  • FormatProfile: Added UHD profile; and added HDR, WCG and HFR attributes
  • Revised language handling: Replaced StoreLanguage, with AssetLanguage, replaced HoldbackExclusionLanuage with
  • AllowedLanguages, added HoldbackLanguage include asset type attribute, removed Holdback Terms.
  • Simplified LIcenseRightsDescription to “Next Day TV” and “POD” (Publish on Delivery).
  • Added Region term type.
  • Pricing: Added DMRP, SMRP, Bundled (not sold separately) and LicenseFee terms.
  • Added ReportingID for future use.
  • Added ability to list depreciated EcosystemIDs
  • Clarified date terms. Added ESTStart as an EndCondition
  • Made optional:
    • TitleDisplayUnlimited, SeasonTitleDisplayUnlimited and SeriesTitleDisplayUnlimited
    • Terms/Description
  • Fixed ratings cardinality in spec (was correct in schema)
  • Added support for separately availed supplemental and promotion including AvailType values and Transaction/RefALID. Note that supplemental and promotion can also be included in an Avail through Asset instances.
  • Added USACaptionsExceptionsReason, ReleaseHistory and Ratings to Series and Season metadata. This is used when a series (miniseries) or season are avail’d and this information is needed.
  • 2.2.1 uses Common Metadata and MEC v2.5.

Version 2.1

This version a.

Annotated Changelist

  • EIDR
    • Updated EIDR references to use URN form.
    • Removed incorrect EIDR references.
  • Fixed RunLength cardinality in schema.

Version 2.0, 2.0A

This version a.

Annotated Changelist

  • Improved miniseries support
  • Improved handling of open start/end dates and rolling time zones.
  • Added Season and series status (cancellation)
  • Simplified identifiers
  • Added provisions for shared entitlement systems (e.g., DMA, UltraViolet)
  • Added digital signature option
  • 2.0a included corrections in metadata to align with schema.

Version 1.6-1.6b

Annotated Changelist

  • Support television and complex asset structures
  • Allow the specification of any number of terms
  • Increase flexibility of terms than can specified, including holdbacks
  • Provide identifier linkage to Media Manifest
  • Incorporate field changes from Excel Avails v1.5 and v1.6
  • Clarifications, corrections and editorial improvements
  • 1.6b added CompanyDisplayCredit

Version 1.4

This version a.

Annotated Changelist

  • Updated to sync with EMA Avails Excel template v1.4.
  • Added closed caption annotation for United States.

Version 1.0

This the original version.


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