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MovieLabs is a Technology Joint Venture of the Major Hollywood Studios

We work to research, experiment and develop new technologies that improve the content, processes and tools used in the media industry. ​From media creation through distribution, we drive innovation and develop a range of specifications and resources for the industry.​

We developed a bold 10-year vision for the adoption of new technologies to aid in content production, post and VFX, commonly referred to as the 2030 Vision.

We drive new technologies and standards that make digital content distribution more efficient, including the MovieLabs Digital Distribution Framework.

MovieLabs 2030 Vision Series: Interoperability in Media Creation

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Interoperability in Media Creation

Enabling flexibility and efficiency through interoperable and composable software-defined workflows

MovieLabs 2030 Vision Series Fireside Chats Podcast

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MovieLabs 2030 Vision Series Fireside Chats Podcast

The MovieLabs 2030 Vision has been broadly embraced across the media industry and we’re sharing stories and learnings from leading visionaries and implementors across the media and entertainment space with our newly launched video and audio podcast, MovieLabs 2030 Vision Series Fireside Chats.


MovieLabs Member Studios

Together with our member studios, we partner with major technology companies, standards organizations, researchers and start-ups to encourage new technologies that will transform and improve our industry for the better.​

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Strategic Objectives

Featured Initiatives

2030 Vision for the Future of Media Creation

The 10 year vision for the future of scripted media production, post and creative technologies.

Common Security Architecture for Production

A new zero-trust architecture to improve the security of cloud-based production workflows.

Evolution of Production Workflows

A new approach to enabling interoperable, flexible workflows that remove friction and speed mundane repititive tasks. 

Movielabs Digital Distribution Framework

A suite of compatible specifications that enable automation, cost reduction, and improve the consumer’s experience of digital media.

Ontology for Media Creation

A common approach to improve communication about workflows and enable automation between people, organizations, and software.

Visual Language

A new graphic library to draw and share content workflows between participants and tools with unique open-source icons for our industry​.

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