Release Notes and Executables

Release 1.2

Status: Released



Source code is on GitHub. If you would like more information, please contact us.


In addition to functional enhancements, the changes for this release include an internal refactoring of code to use the mddf-lib software and a shift to the usage of the MIT License instead of the Creative Commons License.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Schema & Constraint Validation:
  • Validation of Media Entertainment Core (MEC) files is now supported.
  • non-unique GalleryID will now be treated as WARNING instead of ERROR.
  • Ratings metadata is validated against the MovieLabs Content Rating System database.
  • language-related metadata is validated in accordance with RFC-5646
Profile Validation:


General Functions and User Interface:
  • History of most-recently accessed files are saved and may be recalled
  • Banner graphic includes text "Manifest Validation"
  • Inclusion of INFO messages in logger output is now optional.
  • Non-adherence to Best Practices recommendations is logged as a NOTICE rather than a WARNING.
  • Profile selection menu moved to right of the file selection field.

Known Issues


Schema & Constraint Validation:
  • Validation of conformance with Common Metadata relating to Digital Assets is incomplete
  • SSID syntax is only validated when ID is specified using the EIDR scheme.
Profile Validation:
  • None
  • Reports that on Mac, clicking on table occasionally corrupts entry.

Other Changes