This location contains information on the Common Media Manifest Metadata (Media Manifest).



Version 1.13

This annual release of Media Manifest incorporates digital asset metadata improvements from Common Metadata. One major improvement is the inclusion of timed metadata (timed events) in Presentation to allow rich metadata extensions tied to a timeline. There were additions to support special use cases (e.g., dub cards), and other minor improvements.

Version 1.13 Specification (March 21, 2024)

  • Common Media Manifest Metadata, TR-META-MMM, Version 1.13, March 21, 2024 (PDF)
  • Version showing changes from v1.12 (PDF)

Version 1.13 Schema

Versions 1.5-1.12 are still supported. These versions can be found in the release history.

A presentation summarizing Common Metadata, MEC, Media Manifest and MMC updates can be found here (PDF)

VALIDATOR and Tool Suite

Information and links to the MDDF Validator are here: www.movielabs.com/md/validator.

The Tool Suite, including an online validator are at mddf.movielabs.com.

Best Practices

Guidance for solving specific problems on undertanding certain concepts can be found at www.movielabs.com/md/practices

Release History

A full release history including change lists and deprecated versions can be found here.

Applications of Media Manifest

File delivery

Media Manifest is an essential element of delivering files from studios to retailers. Specifications and best practices for delivery are found on the Manifest File Delivery page. This includes specifications and best practices for Media Manifest (Media Manifest Core), Common Metadata (Media Entertainment Core) and Interoperable Master Format (IMF).

Cross-Platform Extras (CPE)

The Media Manifest is an essental element of Cross-Platform Extras. Specific instructions on Manifest use in CPE can be found at CPE-Manifest.

Best Practices

Seamless Playback

The following best pratice describes a process for ensuring seamless playback of Playable Sequences.

  • Seamless Sequential Playaback (Best Practice), BP-META-MMMSP, June 12, 2015 (PDF)

Educational Materials

We have created videos that explain concepts. An introduction to Media Manifest can be found here. The full class is here.


The best examples are at Media Manifest Core.

This section is provided for reference. Files are not maintained and may contain obsolete data. As examples become available, we will post examples of Media Manfest usage.

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