This page contains the defintion of Media Manifest Core (MMC) Metadata. MMC is based on Common Metadata Media Manifest Metadata.

Released Version

  • Version 1.0 Specification
    • Media ManifestCore Metadata,TR-META-MMC, v1.0, January 4, 2016 (PDF, Word)
  • XML example files are provided for each use case:
Use Case Last updated
Simple Movie with Trailer 10-Dec-2015
+ Multi-language 10-Dec-2015
+ Forced subtitles 10-Dec-2015
+ Multiple trailers 10-Dec-2015
+ Dub cards 10-Dec-2015
+ Pre-roll 10-Dec-2015
+ Pre-order 10-Dec-2015
  • Metadata example files supporting these use cases
Media Entertainment Core (MEC) Metadata Last updated
Movie (simple) 10-Dec-2015
Movie (full) 25-Dec-2015
Trailer 1 25-Dec-2015
Trailer 2 25-Dec-2015



MMC Validation resources can be found here.


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