Quality Control (QC) Vocabulary

QC Vocabulary defines terms that are used in QC with the goals of 1) Ensuring that terms are used consistently, and 2) ensuring that terms are encoded consistently.

This list will grow over time. What is here now is an initial list. However, there are several hundred additional terms currently being evaluated for inclusion. Placeholders are included here for categories not yet populated. Additional terms will be added once agreement has been reached on their use and encoding.


QC Vocabulary consists of four parts:

  • Category — Indicates the type of resource (i.e., deliverable) an error is applicable to, such as video, audio, artwork, etc. The Category may, therefore, be used within automated workflows to route error reports to the appropriate team for handling.
  • Term —A term associated with a particular error. A term may be associated with more than one Category. The combination of Category and Term, however, will uniquely identify an error.
  • Description — A short description of the error
  • Definition — The formal definition of the error, to distinguish it from all other errors.


Following are categorized links to Terms, Descriptions and Definitions:

  • Video—Video issues
  • Audio — Audio issues
  • Timed Text — Timed text/subtitle issues
  • Metadata — Issues with descriptive/title metadata such as Media Entertainment Core (MEC). See also Delivery Package and Color Transform
  • Artwork — Artwork issues (e.g., poster art, hero, background, etc.)
  • Card* — Card issues (e.g., dub, ratings, etc.)
  • Titles* — Title issues (e.g., main titles, title treatments)
  • Head-Tail* — Issues with head or tail material such as bars, slate, tone, blacks, and textless material
  • Picture-Insert* — Issues with inserted pictures (i.e., video over video)
  • 3D* — Issues with 3D video
  • Color Transform* — Related to metadata for color volume transform (e.g., ST 2086, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG).
  • Synced Events* — Issues with synced metadata, markers and motion code
  • Production* — Any issues with production, both technical (e.g., mic in frame) and creative (e.g., continuity)
  • Film* — Physical film-related issues, such as scratches and telecine errors
  • Delivery Package* —Issues with delivery package. This includes packages with media, metadata, artwork and other data. It can include a range of assets associated with an offering such as a feature, trailers, and bonus material. It also coveres packaging technology like Media Manifest Core (MMC)
  • Avails — Problems with Avails, such as Avails and Title List

* = new categories in version 1.1

Complete List

Release History can be found here.

XML Representation

Nothing official about the following. Just food for thought.

  • Representation terms in XML (XML)
  • Schema (XSD)