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2030 Greenlight

Delivering on the Vision of More Efficient, Productive and Creative Media Workflows

2030 Greenlight: a 2030 vision program by Movielabs

In 2019, MovieLabs – a technology joint venture of the major motion picture studios – released the groundbreaking “Evolution of Media Creation, a 10-year vision for the future of Media Production, Post and Creative Technologies”. The paper quickly became known as the “2030 Vision” and it rallied the industry toward a shared vision where creative teams can focus more on being creative and less on wrestling files, metadata and technologies that should be in service of their work.

In 2024, MovieLabs is introducing the next phase in implementing the 2030 Vision – and we’re inviting companies to partner with us. We call it 2030 Greenlight, where we will bring together industry leading technology and service providers to jointly build and deploy interoperable technology solutions which directly address the challenges faced by filmmakers today. We’ll be using the 2030 Vision as a guide to build solutions where applications and tools seamlessly connect together, where creatives can focus on the tasks that they need to do instead of organizing, preparing, moving, transforming and manipulating data.

Throughout 2024, we’ll have much more to share about 2030 Greenlight, which creative challenges we’ll be addressing and the initial results of our work. For now, we’re asking if you want to get involved, register your interest here and we’ll keep you informed on the program. You could be an individual creative, a large technology company, a creative services vendor or a software developer.

Regardless, we want to hear from you and how you want to get involved in 2030 Greenlight.

Join 2030 Greenlight

We want to hear from you and how you want to get involved in 2030 Greenlight.

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