Production Technology

The 2030 Vision

Developed in our 2019 White Paper “The Future of Media Creation”, the 2030 Vision as it became known is a shared roadmap for how content production will evolve and provides the guiding light for all of our Production Technology programs.

Production Security

A new apporach to production in the cloud, requires a new approach to content security.  We have two Production Technology security programs – Common Security Architecture for Production (CSAP) and the Enhanced Content Protection for Production (ECPP).

Software-Defined Workflows

The 2030 Vision creates new flexibility in creative workflows which no longer will be bound by the ‘we’ve always done it that way’. We call these Software Defined Workflows and they require a new approach to the say production tools and services are built, deployed and supported.

Ontology For Media Creation

Software Defined Workflows require a common language so that tools and systems can talk to each, and to humans.  The Ontology for Media Creation provides the common definitions and syntax for that language.

Visual Language

Traditionally there has been no consistency in workflow and system diagrams that are used to document so many of our creative workflows.  The common Visual Language for media creation comprises common shapes, lines and unique icons designed as a free resource for anyone documenting workflows or systems.