MovieLabs is a jointly run industry lab that enables member studios to work together to understand new technologies and drive the right ones to adoption. We help the industry deliver next generation experiences for future profitability, cut costs through industry automation, and share the business intelligence necessary to protect and market the creative assets that are the core capital of our industry.

As a small, agile organization that works closely with studios and technology companies, we can develop common positions and then advance them in ways that transform the industry. Our core project goals are to:

  • Enable new and better digital delivery
  • Improve consumer experiences
  • Give market insight and intelligence
  • Improve backend infrastructure for distribution or production

We have ongoing projects in all the following areas:

Next-Generation Platforms & Experiences

MovieLabs is a key resource helping the industry define next generation consumer experiences and build the technology platforms that deliver them.

  • Ultra HD & HDR
    MovieLabs has drafted a pair of high-level specifications defining the key feature sets that can serve as the basis for new standards and individual studio requirements for content distribution formats and platforms.
  • Cross-Platform Extras (Interactivity & Extras)
    MovieLabs Cross-Platform Extras Manifest (CPE-Manifest) specification provides the means to communicate a user experience that includes main titles, bonus video, image galleries and other media that enhances a user experience. Cross-Platform Extras HTML (CPE-HTML) define an API that supports interactive user experience that can be executed across retailers and devices.
  • Enhanced Content Security Framework (ECP)
    The proliferation of diverse devices and the advent of OTT have complicated the deployment of content protection. To give the industry a common target for implementing content protection for Ultra HD, MovieLabs developed with its members the MovieLabs Specification for Enhanced Content Protection (ECP). The specification includes best practices for digital rights management, platforms, and end-to-end systems. It covers a range of practices around cryptography, device binding, software diversity, title diversity, revocation & renewal, output & link protection, secure media pipeline, secure computation environment, hardware root of trust, watermarking, playback control, and certification.

Automated Digital Workflows & Supply Chain Efficiency

MovieLabs focuses substantial effort on improving the competitiveness of digital distribution as one key component to the future success of the industry. We drive new technologies and standards that enable automation, lower costs, increase efficiency, and make it easier for consumers to purchase new and better experiences from studios and their distribution partners.

  • Metadata Standards
    MovieLabs' Common Metadata specifications are the foundation for other specifications including EMA Core Metadata, UltraViolet and Content Recognition Metadata.
  • Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR)
    MovieLabs is the key creator and driver behind the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR), a universal unique identifier for movie and television assets that enables savings for digital distribution similar to how UPC codes automate traditional retail.
  • Content Availability (Avails)
    MovieLabs has worked with the EMA and prominent retailers to develop and implement a common format for transferring Avails data from studios to retailers. The specification reduces studio customer support requirements and substantially improves the ability of retailers to ensure timely availability of studio content in all retail windows and timely takedown to meet licensing requirements.
  • Media Manifest
    MovieLabs has developed a Media Manifest specification that facilitates the delivery of assets from distributors to retailers, allowing increased automation and integration of work flows for purposes of metadata distribution, Avails, file deliveries, efficient internationalization, and delivery of standardized interactivity experiences to consumers. This standard Media Manifest specification unifies multiple supply chain automation efforts into one integrated structure and set of definitions
  • Ratings
    MovieLabs aggregated ratings information from ratings bodies around the world and created a centralized web resource for reference by content publishers and distributors, allowing automated retrieval of the most current ratings information to support metadata standardization across distribution work flows.

Business Intelligence & Online Piracy

Since its founding, MovieLabs has maintained a core expertise in the understanding and analysis of online piracy and the technologies available to protect online content. Today we deliver the industry’s best research platform for aggregation and analysis of data on unauthorized consumption of movies and TV globally. We serve as a key source for data on online piracy as well as a key evaluator of new technological efforts to combat it.

  • Data is becoming more and more crucial to understanding the consumer worldwide. MovieLabs analyzes piracy consumption and delivers accurate worldwide demand data for every movie and TV show over the last 4 years.
  • MovieLabs is working to standardize the flow of consumption data among studios, retailers, and service providers in order to drive more automated and effective engagement with consumers around movies & TV.


We meet regularly with start-ups, venture capitalists, advanced technology labs, universities, industry groups and other technologists. We make it our business to research and understand new technologies. We also are able to provide new companies and investors with a better understanding of technical requirements in the movie industry and how to bring technical solutions to market collaboratively with the industry.


MovieLabs funds emerging and interesting technologies in the areas of digital distribution, content management and production. This includes collaboration and funding ranging from joint efforts with major corporations to sponsorship and advice for promising startups.

Linked Content Coalition (LCC)

The LCC is an international organization that promotes standards and interoperability techniques that address two fundamental challenges: how to assert ownership of online content and how to communicate copyright and license terms and conditions in the digital environment. MovieLabs has a representative on the board of the LCC in order to help guide the development of commercially viable standards and processes.

Content Recognition

  • MovieLabs has an extensive testing suite for audio and video fingerprinting system. We have tested the vast majority of technologies used to detect movies and television online.
  • Content Recogntion Rules (CRR) provides a means to describe rules for matching Content online, and actions that may be taken on that Content. This specification is typically used in conjunction with watermark or fingerprint-based detection.

Digital Cinema

  • MovieLabs led an effort to create a global Trusted Device List (TDL).
  • MovieLabs has sponsored the development of technologies to reduce illegal camcording in movie theaters.

Higher Education

  • MovieLabs provides grants to relevant technology research in colleges and universities around the World. If you have research you feel is relevant, please contact us.
  • MovieLabs has created guidelines to assist college and univeristy IT professionls navigate the many options for reducing illegal file sharing on campus.