Introducing the MovieLabs 2030 Vision Blog

Posted on October 28, 2020
By Rich Berger
A Message from the Future
My name is Richard Berger, the CEO of MovieLabs, and I’m writing to you using our new ‘blog warp’ technology from the year 2030. Here at the lab we’ve been working with our member studios to advance the future of media creation, and I’d like to share with you what it’s like in 2030.

The good news is that the future looks great. Storytellers, together with creative teams assembled from around the world, are able to produce amazing movies and TV shows with virtually no limits – enabled by almost infinite compute, using secure, cloud-native, software-defined workflows with real-time engines for rapid iteration. And we finally have flying cars!

Unfortunately, I also have some bad news – which is that the 2030 future is not predetermined. There are steps all of you must take now in your present and along the way to ensure you stay on the right path. As we say, if you don’t know where you are going, any path will get you there. Now that we have “seen” the future we all really want, we invite you to join us in plotting a course to realize the MovieLabs 2030 Vision.

Welcome to the MovieLabs 2030 Vision Blog!

If you are here, I assume you have probably already read our paper, “The Evolution of Media Creation – A 10-Year Vison for the Future of Media Production, Post and Creative Technologies”. In the paper, we paint a picture of media creation some 10 years in the future. We describe technological advances which will enable seismic changes in media workflows, and we propose ten foundational principles as keys to that future.

Those principles provide a roadmap for industry collaboration across three interrelated workstreams: New Cloud Foundations, Security & Access, and Software-Defined Workflows.

The response to the white paper has been tremendous, and we have clearly struck a chord with many technology leaders across our industry. The MovieLabs 2030 Vision has been referred to as a North Star that clearly articulates a common direction for the evolution of media creation. If you haven’t already read the white paper, you can download a free copy from our site.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about our work and how, together as an industry, we move from principles to practice and accelerate the path to the 2030 Vision. This blog, and other associated publications, webinars and talks, are intended for production technology leaders from studios, cloud providers, application/service providers, creative service vendors and other industry stakeholders interested in empowering the creative community.

Consistent with the organization of our 2030 Vision white paper, we will feature blog posts across three topics, broken down into different workstreams so you can follow the content which is most interesting to you:

1) Cloud Foundations – what is “cloud-ready” today and what gaps require more industry focus in order to enable truly cloud-native workflows? #ML2030Cloud

2) Security & Access – what does a cloud-native workflow security architecture look like and what are the recommended approaches for implementation? #ML2030Security

3) Software-Defined Workflows – what is required to enable software-defined workflows, including common data models and interfaces? #ML2030Workflows

We will be expanding on the concepts presented in the vision white paper and provide actionable information that will help drive our common technology agenda with the ultimate goal of empowering storytellers to tell more amazing stories while delivering at a speed and efficiency not possible today.

We hope you will find our blog informative. You can discover new posts and content by following MovieLabs on LinkedIn, or searching for the hashtag #MovieLabs2030.

Will you join our movement and say you helped create the future? #MovieLabs2030

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