January 2022 Refresh for MovieLabs Visual Language and Ontology for Media Creation

Posted on January 19, 2022
Today we’ve updated both the Visual Language for Media Creation and the Ontology for Media Creation with new files, which are available on MovieLabs.com. These minor releases add some additional functionality and are part of a regular program to expand their coverage and to keep them up to date. Below is a summary of the changes we have made.

Visual Language for Media Creation (v1.1)

We’ve added a new shape for generic “things” that are sometimes required in documents but fall outside of the formal shapes like Tasks, Participants, Assets, and Infrastructure.

We’ve also added 36 new original icons including 5 Context Icons (Costume, Set, Concept, Reference Material, and Storyboard), 25 Infrastructure Icons, and 6 Security Icons (General Security, Authentication, Authorization, Dynamic Security Policy, Policy Enforcement Point, Protected Asset, Unprotected Asset).

The latest version of the Visual Language asset package can be downloaded from our Specifications and Resources page.

Ontology for Media Creation January 2022 Refresh

We’ve added a spreadsheet mapping camera metadata from major manufacturers used in movie and TV production.  The spreadsheet can be used by those ingesting camera files into databases who are interested in normalizing the disparate file inputs.

We’ve also updated parts of the ontologyWe just published version 1.1 of Part 8 (Infrastructure), which adds 16 terms for network, storage, compute, and other cloud infrastructure. 

The release also includes updates to Part 2 (Context), Part 7 (Relationships), and Part 9 (Utilities)These have minor additions and are labeled version 1.0.1.  Other documents remain at version 1.0. 

The machine-readable forms, including SKOS for the vocabulary and RDF/TTL for the ontology have also been updatedThe materials can be found on the MovieLabs Media Creation documentation site at http://mc.movielabs.com 

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