MovieLabs releases Visual Language v1.2 with expanded coverage across on-set production, networking and security

Posted on August 24, 2023
New Version 1.2 continues to expand breadth and depth of the Visual Language for Media Creation

When we launched the Visual Language for Media Creation, we had no idea how well received it would be and that we’d be continuing to expand it 2 years later. But we’re hearing from organizations that they appreciate the common approach to designing workflows and diagrams that can be immediately interpreted by their colleagues using a shared visual language. We’re also now starting to see software tools natively supporting the Visual Language and the Icons within it for interfaces which is also exciting.

So today we’re announcing an expansion of the language into new areas that were requested by tool makers, member studios, the Hollywood Professional Alliance (HPA) and the SMPTE RIS On-Set Virtual Production group. The focus for v1.2 was production technology terms and icons around on-set and virtual production workflows. We also added some additional terms and icons to help diagram hybrid cloud/on-prem workflows and some security services for CSAP.

Here are the key highlights:

  • Production Infrastructure: Several new terms to add the following to your workflows: Asset Manager, Encoder, LED Lighting and Display, Head Mounted Display, LIDAR, Motion Capture, Motion Control, Renderer, Video Router, and Video Switch.
  • Network Infrastructure: Several new terms for infrastructure network views: Firewall, Mobile Device, and Network Switch.
  • Security Services: Several new icons for existing CSAP terms for services: Authentication Service, Authorization Service, and CSAP service.
  • Realtime and Time Critical Master Shapes: New master shapes to indicate that workflows or processes are real-time or time critical.

Later this Fall, we’ll be adding new extensions to the Visual Language so stay tuned to our announcements on LinkedIn or Twitter.  You can also see all of the icons which have a defined term in the MovieLabs vocabulary on our documentation site at: Vocabulary | MovieLabs. As a reminder, MovieLabs also provides templates with example workflows for use in major design tools like Visio, Powerpoint, KeyNote and LucidChart.

Example workflow image from MovieLabs Visual Language v1.2

An example of a workflow featuring new icons and terms from MovieLabs Visual Language v1.2

Please reach out to MovieLabs at to let us know how you’re implementing the visual language and if there are specific expansions you’d like us to address next.

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