New Visual Language Templates

Posted on April 27, 2023
Expanded support for new diagram tools to bring the MovieLabs Visual Language for Media Creation to wherever you work

To assist the industry in easily picking up and using the Visual Language for Media Creation, we have created templates for major workflow design applications and services. In April 2023, we introduced support for Apple Keynote, Omnigraggle (for Mac) and Autodesk Autocad (for Windows and Mac). All of these templates include the basic shapes (representing Assets, Infrastructure, Tasks, Participants and Contexts) as well as the icons, lines and arrowheads. We also include some recommendations and samples. We’ll keep these templates updated as the Visual Language continues to expand.

Below is a summary of the new and existing templates available now on the Visual Language page. More detailed information and notes for developers looking to integrate visual language into their apps/services are available on our documentation site.

Keynote Template

NEW Apple “Keynote” for Mac/iOS

For Keynote, we have imported and organized all the shapes, icons, and lines so you can copy and paste them into your presentation. We have included several slides about the language, included some examples and provided slides with all the icons with their terms.

Omingraffle Template

NEW – OmniGroup “Omnigraffle” for Mac

For Omnigraffle, we have imported and organized all of the shapes so they are ready to be used natively within the application or shared within your facility. You can easily copy, connect, or format the shapes and connect them via native lines and shapes. We have created a sample document.

Microsoft PowerPoint and Visio Templates

Microsoft “PowerPoint” and “Visio” for Windows & Mac

The existing templates have been updated to v1.2 with more examples and the latest icons.

All Assets and Templates

Get all the assets and templates listed above in a zip file download.

Lucid Software’s “LucidChart”

In addition, we can share the MovieLabs library of icons and asset shapes for the LucidChart online SaaS service. To request access to the template, email us at so we can share permissions.

Contact Us

We love to know what’s you’re using the Visual Language for and if you have specific feedback or requested extra features or icons! Please email us at

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